The ICT in Schools Project has the following aims:

  • To develop and empower teachers with computer literacy skills in order that they can use these skills to enhance their planning, presentation, teaching and learning
  • To introduce the Internet to teachers and learners with the emphasis of how it can be utilized for teaching and learning
  • To develop a collaborative, caring learning community which shares knowledge, skills and experience within a safe environment
  • To develop school technology leaders who can assist other teachers at their respective schools and during our training sessions
  • To improve motivation and interest within teachers related to using the computer as a teaching and learning tool
  • To further develop partnership between the NMMU and local schools

Six schools (four primary schools and two secondary schools) were equipped with 20 computers each last year from the Dell Foundation. These schools are:

  • Emafini Primary School
  • Emfundweni Primary School
  • Kwanoxolo Primary School
  • Kama Primary School
  • Lungisa High School
  • Kwamagxaki High School

However, ICT training offered by the project is not limited to the teachers of these six schools only. Teachers from BJ Mnyanda, EZ Kabane, Stephen Mazangula, Tyhiluwazi and Gqebera also join the sessions.  Training and professional teacher empowerment sessions are conducted, e.g. on PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

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