Research activities

Focus areas:

Educational psychology, specifically promoting self-efficacy and mental health of students, teachers and others within the school system. Academic development of students and staff. Action research as a means to transform and improve education. HIV and Aids and the impact on Education.

Research Projects:

  • Sanpad Project: Read me to resilience! A quasi-experimental study aimed at the empowerment of AIDS orphans. Eastern Cape team member. July 2008- September 2011. National project, collaborating with Prof L Theron (UNW); Prof Cockcroft (WITS).
  • Project Leader – Masilingane Project: Gender Sensitivity. Aimed at helping teachers to become more gender sensitive as a prevention strategy towards HIV & AIDS education. Teachers are facilitated to conduct action research projects in their schools. (April 2008-Feb 2009). Funded by MACAIDS and Columbia University, New York.
  • Co-director and team leader in South Africa: Emergent HIV/AIDS literacy of teachers in disadvantaged school environments – (project is run in collaboration with Oldenburg University, Germany and funded by DAAD).
  • Project leader: School Health Leadership Initiative: Empowering school principals to respond to the HIV and Aids crisis in their schools. Received preliminary funding via NMMU research development fund.
  • Co-leader: Walmer Schools Initiative, project headed by Prof T Olivier. Based on my doctoral research, project is aimed at helping teachers to increase their self-efficacy and make a difference in their community. Project funded by NMMU trust and FNB. Action research is basis for project.
  • Co-leader: Reaching out to make a difference project, Motherwell. Funded by Reserve Bank, this project was the first intervention to increase teacher self-efficacy and incorporates the use of particiapatory social research methods, such as photo voice and video documentary.

Research grants received

  • Research grant from SA Reserve Bank: 2005: Motherwell project.
  • Research grant from NMMU Research Office for overseas conference
  • Research grant from the Stella Luvenstein Trust: 2006: Motherwell project.
  • Research grant from the NMMU Trust: 2006: for the Walmer Township project.
  • NMMU Research Office Development Grant for project with school leadership and HIV and AIDS
  • Research grant from NRF 2007 overseas visit to universities for action research
  • Research grant from Coca Cola for Motherwell project
  • Research grant from Columbia University/MAC AIDS for gender project 2008/9

Publications in accredited journals


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Newspaper articles

Helping teachers deal with HIV/Aids (article in the LaFemme, The Herald, Port Elizabeth, 26 November 2008).

Contact information
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Nelson Mandela University Research Associate
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