Associate Professor and Distinguished Teacher André du Plessis lectures mathematics, media-ICT and Educational Thought modules to pre-service and in-service students. His passion is ICT integration in schools.

ISI an IBSS indexed journals

  • Du Plessis, A. (2015). Rethinking traditional science teaching through infusing ICT learning embedded by a ‘learning-as-design’ approach. Journal of Baltic Science Education, 14(1), 4-6.[Special invited Editorial].
  • Du Plessis, A., & Webb, P. (2012). Teachers’ perceptions about their own and their schools’ readiness for computer implementation: A South African case study. Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 11(3), 312-325
  • Du Plessis, A., & Webb, P. (2012). A teacher proposed heuristic for ICT professional teacher development and implementation in the South African context. Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 11(4), 46-55.
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  • Du Plessis, A., & Webb, P. (2011). An extended Cyberhunts strategy: Learner centred learning-by-design. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 27(7), 1190-1207.

DHET accredited journals

  • Du Plessis, A. & Webb, P. (2011). An extended 'learning by design' framework based on learner perceptions. African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 15(2), 16-29.
  • Du Plessis, A. & Webb, P. (2008). Generative use of computers: Promoting critical outcomes of the South African curriculum. Education as Change, 12(1), 15-27.

Articles in refereed journals

  • Du Plessis, A. & Subramanien, B. (2014). Voices of despair: Challenges of multi-grade teachers in a rural district in South Africa. Educational Research for Social Change, 3(1), 20-36.
  • Cain, G.  & Du Plessis, A. (2013). Teachers’ perceptions of the consequences of interpersonal conflict: A case study in three primary schools. Problems of Management in the 21st Century. Managing in a changing Society, 8, 25-41.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2013). Wikis and Power Points as cognitive development tools in Scientific Literacy: A Proposed Heuristic. Problems in Education in the 21st Century. 57, 25-47.

Keynote conference presentations

  • Du Plessis, A. (2014). An ICT learning-to-design heuristic to promote science learning: using PowerPoint in an “unintended” mode. Keynote presented at the IXth IOSTE SYMPOSIUM FOR CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE Science and Technology Education for the XXIst Century at the University of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic, 15 to 17 September 2014.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2013). Wikis and PowerPoints as cognitive development tools in Scientific Literacy. Keynote presented at the International Scientific Conference, “Information & communication technology in natural science education – 2013”,  23-27 October 2013, Siauliai, Lithuania.

Conference presentations in proceedings

  • Du Plessis, A. & Webb, P. (2012). A proposed ICT implementation heuristic for schools in disadvantaged contexts: An African perspective from South Africa. Science & Technology Education for Development, Citizenship and Social Justice, IOSTE 15 Symposium, La Medina - Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia, October 28 to 03 November 3, 2012.
  • Du Plessis, A. & Webb, P. (2012). A heuristic for higher level student cognitive thinking and questioning through collaborative student designed wiki-based Cyberhunts Seventh International Conference on Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, Muscat, Oman, November 4 to 7, 2012.
  • Du Plessis, A. & Webb, P. (2010). The CRAR3FS2 framework for developing teachers’ ICT skills for Science Education through Cyberhunts. Socio-cultural and Human Values in Science and Technology Education, IOSTE 14 Symposium, Bled, Slovenia. 361-371.
  • Du Plessis, A. & Webb, P. (2009). Learners’ perceptions of the skills developed through creating a collaborative hypermedia product. Proceedings of the 17th Annual SAARMSTE Conference. Grahamstown, South Africa. 104 -120.

Attending and presenting papers or presentations at discipline-based conferences: Not in proceedings

  • Du Plessis, A. & Bean, P. (2014). Conceptualizing a rigorous (vigorous) & relevant PGCE for 21st century teaching. Symposium on Academic Depth & Rigour in Initial Teacher Education Programmes, 30-31 October, WITS, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Du Plessis, A. (2013). A heuristic for ICT implementation in schools and FET colleges. Presentation at 4th Annual ICT in Higher Education, Johannesburg, 18-19 March 2013.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2012). Can we continue with ICT devices the way we are currently?- The road ahead & A New Internet Teaching Strategy. Presentation at Inspiring Teachers Conference, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 03 August 2012.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2011). Internet learning through learners as designers of Extended Cyberhunts: A South African Developed Strategy. Presentation at the Africa Higher-Ed ICT Conference, Johannesburg, 30-31 March 2011.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2010). Action Research might hold the key to improving teachers’ mathematics practices. Presentation at AMESA 2010 Mathematics Conference in Port Elizabeth.
    • Also conference chairperson
    • Also delivery presentation as part of keynote introduction: ICT usage trends – Setting the scene for the Africa Higher-Ed ICT Conference
  • Du Plessis, A. (2009). The CRAR3FS2 framework for developing teachers’ ICT skills for e-Education. Presentation and paper at Walter Sisulu University E-Learning Conference on 3-4 November 2009.
  • Du Plessis, A. (2003). Paper delivered at AMESA Mathematics Conference in Port Elizabeth: Project Based Learning and Game Design in Mathematics.

Engagement projects

Herman Ohlthaver Trust project: ICT in Schools

PhD study (related to engagement projects):

Generative use of computers in schools (SMIS)

PHD Thesis

  • Du Plessis, A. (2010). The introduction of cyberhunts as a teaching and learning strategy to guide teachers towards the integration of computer technology in schools. Unpublished Phd Thesis, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

MEd Thesis

  • Du Plessis, A. (2004). Learners' Perceptions of Creating a Collaborative Hypermedia Product: An Exploratory Case Study at Mount Pleasant Primary School. Unpublished MEd Thesis, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.
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